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How to find your purpose in life?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Years ago, when I began my transformation period, a friend gave me a book called "The Element" by Ken Robinson. This book was key to understanding how to break through to find my real-life purpose. And here I am now writing for you. And what is the Element? Well, the element is what we are passionate about and for which we have talent. As simple as that. Let's imagine that I like to sing, but I don't have the talents to do it ... this would not be considered the Element and dedicating myself to it would be a mistake. However, if I like to sing and I have a beautiful voice, many voice registers and I have a knack for being in front of the public, then I may have found my Element. In the following video Ken Robinson makes an explanation of it:

So why are there so few people who have a profession related to your element? Well, this is not really the fault of most people, but of how we have designed the educational system ... In the documentary "Forbidden Education" the origin and development of what we now call Compulsory and Free Public Education is explained. The origins go back to Prussia in the historical stage known as enlightened despotism. The Prussian school was structured in castes and classes and what was sought was to dogmatize the plebs by making society docile and obedient to the absolutist regime of that time and thus avoid social revolts and prepare people for war. How is it possible that in the 21st century we continue with an educational model based on the 18th century? Very simple, because it is very effective in achieving the same objectives, directing society for a specific purpose. Today is to direct society to meet the needs of industrialization and consumer society. In the following fragment of the aforementioned documentary it is very well explained:

So how do you find your life purpose and dedicate yourself to it? My opinion is that it is essential to find your element. For this, I invite you to review what your passions are since you were a child and to be honest with yourself when evaluating the talents you have in order to develop that passion. Eye! Be humble and honest, but be careful not to be too hard on yourself. Having talent does not mean that you have developed them. Having talent is having the optimal conditions to fulfil your passion. Developing these talents is what will lead to their specialization and professionalization, and for this path there is only practice.

Once you have found your talent, you have to train. For example, and going back to the case of being a singer, if you have talent and passion, it is convenient to train as a singer. Then the proper thing would be, for example, to sign up for singing or piano lessons ... Important, training is not education. To form, as the word itself indicates, is to acquire a form. For example, training in singing for the opera. And I make this differentiation because there are highly educated people who have no education at all.

The third point that I consider essential to be able to earn a living with your element is to educate yourself. Getting educated is a personal task and it has nothing to do with the knowledge acquired (training) if not rather it is related to the moral principles and values ​​with which one lives. Being educated is the key that opens the doors of opportunity, since finding educated people is more difficult than finding educated people. Education is the subtle use of the intellect in order to develop as a human being. It requires emotional intelligence and personal will. If you want to go deeper into this topic, which I highly recommend, you might want to read Napoleon Hill's "Think and Get Rich" book. This book is essential if you want to start living differently and be able to develop your passions and talents. It is a good book to educate yourself and to know the most important secrets to have a full life. Many people relate the title to making you financially rich. However, after having read the book several times, I can say that wealth is relative and that the content of the book is rather aimed at deeply educating those people who want to have a full life.

In closing, let me tell you that making a way of life out of your passions and talents is not an easy road. But not because of the competition that you can find (something that is really fictional) but rather because of the limitations that we have. It is precisely the change of mental paradigms and vision of reality that will really allow you to live life as you want to live it. It is a process that requires patience and time, but without a doubt it is worth starting and never giving up. It is the way to live a little freer and surrender to the world in the best version of yourself.



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