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Responsibility, the most important thing for your health, development and that of society.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

If I had to decide what is the determining factor to have transformed my life, I would say without a doubt that it is responsibility. You can't get very far in life if you don't take responsibility for your own life in full. Physical, emotional, intellectual and financial health.

There will be many people who read me and they will be saying, but I am responsible. And yes, I do not doubt that many people have assumed responsibility in certain aspects of their lives. But I also know that all humans have a more or less noticeable tendency to blame the external when it is convenient for us not to assume responsibility for some reason. My father, my mother, my boss, the politicians, the people !!! And please don't get me wrong, now I don't want to blame you, but what I do want is to invite you to take responsibility. Not only of their own lives but of what happens outside as well.

Each of us is a member of society. Each of us has a role and an effect on society. Thus, even if we are not able to see it, the decisions we make in our personal lives are going to affect first ourselves and then the whole of society. From the things that seem most momentous like voting in a presidential election, to choose to use plastic, paper, or cloth bag, it has its personal and social consequences.

However, the socio-political system is designed so that from the moment we are

born until we die, we cede a large part of our responsibilities to the States so that they supposedly decide better than we do on issues such as education. security or agricultural policy. But is this really so? Not in my opinion. The system is rotten from top to bottom and bottom to top. It's not just the ones at the top. There is a general lack of responsibility throughout society.

That is why we have a global social, ecological and economic crisis. This lack of responsibility has cost us a lot as human beings. States, or rather the people who run the States, have long ago ceased to be guarantors of our personal and social interests, and have become guarantors of the interests of large corporations. Something really bizarre from a rational and humanistic point of view. But I find it more bizarre that the great mass of society simply tolerate it, accept it or does not react to it. Let me ask you a question. If you look at the photo on the right, who do you think really has more power, the base of the dome? The problem is that there is a general belief induced at the base of society that things cannot be changed. And this is not true. Sure it can be changed, but the way to change it is through individual responsibility. If I recover my responsibilities for my life, this will have a direct effect on my reality and on society. If I commit to myself to do what is best for my life, I will buy different things, I will go to different places, my money will go to other hands ... and this is precisely what it is all about. To generate social and consumer trends that are more responsible, healthy and committed to a society that helps transform it. And this starts with each one.

At this point, my dear readers, it is vital for future generations that now each individual who feels identified with this text, assumes full responsibility for his life and begins to live consistently with his ideals despite the difficulties that arise. Responsibility is therefore the first conscious act that a human being can do in the face of his own life and as a member of society. Only through responsibility can we make the right decisions that guarantee the proper functioning of our bodies. Only through responsibility can a stable emotional state be achieved. Only through responsibility can we become independent from dogmas and indoctrinations in order to fully use our intellectual capacity and freely decide which life we want to create and perhaps be a little freer.

My invitation is sent to each of you. I hope you join the party.



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