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Why Kangen Water® and not others?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Before buying my first Enagic® equipment, I did in-depth research on Kangen® Water and the technical differences with other producers who claimed or claim to do the same as Enagic® equipment but for less money. Maybe you'll find yourself at this point... you've come to the conclusion that ionized water is actually beneficial, but you still don't know which ionizer manufacturer is the best choice. This is where I want to give you a hand and share why I decided on Kangen® Water and why I became a distributor.

A lot of people tell me, "Sure, you recommend Kangen® Water because it's what you sell." It's a way that a lot of people think about and that we can consider normal in the world we live in. However, the reasoning and equation are very different. I sell Kangen® Water because it is what I drink and recommend. The important thing is to want to understand how I came to that conclusion.

First of all, I have to say that whenever I looked for the official data and certifications I found that Enagic® and Kangen® Water had medical certifications by the ISO organization (13485) and by the ministry of health in Japan. These certificates are published on the Enagic® website and are official and downloadable. It is curious to see, how some websites and detractors claim that these certificates are false... I always wondered, why so much aversion against Enagic® and Kangen® Water? The answer became clearer as my research continued. In addition to these certificates, which I consider the most important, Enagic® has more noteworthy certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the gold seal of the WQA (Water Quality Association).

All these certificates made me wonder, and why does Enagic® have them, and others don't? So I began to study these reasons, which led me to investigate the production process of Enagic®, its history and the differences from the rest of the brands or producers of ionizers.

Enagic® was established in 1974, and is the only Original Equipment Producer on the market. This means that it is the only manufacturer that sells its own brand and that all its customers buy from Enagic®, not from intermediaries, something important in the face of manufacturing guarantees and as a consumer. All parts are produced in the Osaka factory (in photos) and each piece of equipment is assembled by a single technician, that is, it is not a traditional production chain. Each piece of equipment goes through more than 20 quality control points and the production materials, especially the electrolysis chamber plates, are made of medical-grade metals, something vital in an ionizer. In addition, Enagic® is a debt-free company and is the leading producer of ionizers on the market.

As I mentioned in the previous posts, the most important thing about an ionizer is its electrolysis chamber. This should be the main point of comparison to know which equipment is the one that offers the greatest guarantees and to be able to compare in a scientific way the different brands and models. In the photo above you can see an enagic® electrolysis camera and each of its plates next to a competing camera (95%) and the type of plates they use. The production of molecular hydrogen, and therefore the anti-oxidysing power of water, will depend on the electrolysis chamber and the following values: Material and shape of the plates, Surface of contact with water, amperage and supply power. As we have said before, Enagic® assembles medical-grade titanium and platinum plates. This means that these metals have a degree of purity of 99.98% while other brands do not guarantee the metals they use, something decisive to obtain the guarantees and medical certifications that only Enagic® has in the market. In the following comparison table you can see the technical details of the electrolysis cameras of Enagic and most of the competitors:

All those factors that we have talked about before, give us a number called Electrolysis Potential Units, which is the most important comparison factor between ionizers. As you can see, the technical data positions Enagic® and its ionizers as the best possible option in the market. Anyway, if you do not believe it, and want to make your own comparison, you just have to get the number of plates, the contact surface of each plate, the amperage and the power and do the calculation yourself to realize that there is no better manufacturer or ionizers on the market.

Maybe you're saying, "Well, but maybe you don't need to have an ionizer with so many guarantees..." To make you see the risks involved in not taking all this data seriously, I would like you to see the following photo:

These plates have been extracted from an electrolysis chamber of a competitor. As you can see, they are totally deteriorated and holed. Where do you think the metals in those holes have gone? To the bodies of people who have drunk the water produced by these plaques. Enagic® plates will never present these problems because of the way of manufacture and guarantees offered (solid medical titanium plates, coated by immersion with medical platinum). Ingesting metals of dubious quality and investing in technology that does not take the safety of its customers seriously is neither smart nor convenient for you.

It is also important to note that Enagic® is the only manufacturer that mounts in its equipment the tank for the electrolysis enhancer, necessary to produce sanitary waters 11.5 and 2.5. Which replace chemical cleaners and disinfectants for the hygiene and cleaning of your home.

Last but not least, it should be borne in mind that Enagic® equipment is the only one designed with the possibility of doing a manual process of cleaning the electrolysis chamber by the user. This is vital for the proper functioning and durability of the equipment. This is due to the fact that due to the use and polarity of the plates, the minerals adhere to them, which makes it necessary for the plates to be cleaned so that the electrolysis and the proper functioning of the equipment are correct. It is common to find customers who after having bought a piece of equipment from another producer, find the uselessness of it after a year of use, and so after their mistake in the purchase, they finally understand the importance of this possibility and move to Kangen® Water.

Now you can understand in a more detailed way why Kangen® Water and not others. After my research and years as a distributor, I have understood that Enagic® is fully committed to manufacturing the best ionizer on the market ensuring the quality of each of its components and manufacturing standards. My decision as a life coach and health coach to distribute this technology and use it as a fundamental tool for personal development is determined by empirical data and years of use and enjoyment of this technology with proven results on a personal level and with my clients. I recommend that if you want to invest in a water ionizer you take into account all this data and thoroughly review the technical details of each piece of equipment without falling into the bad business practices that some people or brands use. Science is the answer and the price of Enagic® and Kangen® Water equipment only demonstrates the real value of this technology and the guarantees you will get to have your equipment for the rest of your life.

If you need any other information, prices or how I can help you get your Kangen® Water equipment in any country in the world, do not hesitate to contact me through the data at the bottom of the page. I will be happy to help you and give you all the necessary information.




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