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Why is Kangen Water® so hydrating?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

In 2003, Peter Agre received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of water channels or aquaporins. These water channels are proteins located in the cell membrane of all living things by which water molecules, and some other substances, enter and leave the cell. In the following photograph, you can see the graph of an aquaporin.

As you can see in the graph, the aquaporin or water channel has a strong positive charge in its centre, which will be definitive to understanding the great degree of hydration that Kangen® Water has. As we had seen in the previous posts about the antioxidant property and alkalinity, when the electrolysis of water occurs we will obtain active molecular hydrogen (H2-) and hydroxyl groups (OH-).

Both molecules, the result of the great electronic contribution and the dissociation of the water molecule, have a strong negative charge. This characteristic makes both molecules feel strongly attracted by polarity towards the centre of the aquaporin thus increasing the absorption of H2- and OH- by the cell and producing the super hydration of the same. Conceptually the same thing happens as if we have two magnets of different polarity: they attract. The super hydration of the cell that is generated thanks to the antioxidant power will make our entire system have a better function since all vital functions, what we know as body homeostasis, require proper hydration. In addition, the electronic contribution of antioxidants (H2-) will increase the cellular voltage, making our cells healthier and resistant to oxidation and pathogenic microorganisms.

If you remember the entry about the antioxidant property you will remember that it was quite incapié that it was the most important property of Kangen® Water. And I would like to repeat this idea because it is what really differentiates it from any other system that tries to do the same thing in the market. There is no team on the market that technically does the same thing even if they claim otherwise. This is thanks to the strong electrical charge that Enagic® equipment brings to the water is why the three differentiating properties of Kangen® Water are produced: Antioxidant, alkaline and super-hydrating. It is very important that anyone who wants to acquire an ionizer does a little research to make sure that what they are buying is safe, efficient and durable.

In the next post, I will talk about the technical characteristics in which we must look to be able to scientifically compare the different ionizers that exist in the market and thus be able to make an objective decision when making our purchase. I also remind you that you can download my book "Change your water, Change your life" if you want to delve now into these technical details and more information about Enagic® equipment and Kangen® Water.

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