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Why is important what you put in your body?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

When I was in school I had a physical education teacher from whom I learned a lot, Don Ramón. On the days we played soccer in his classes, he always tried to guide us and give us some advice. I remember him saying that the ball should move on the ground instead of doing air passes. In order for us to understand it better, he made the following logic: What is the ball made of? Leather teacher And where does leather come from? From cows And what do cows eat? Grass ... Then let the ball go through the grass.

Although it seems silly, this type of logic has helped me a lot to make decisions in my life. I think that human beings have reached such a great degree of intellectual complexity that we want to corroborate everything in the most scientific way possible and we forget to apply the most elementary science, the observation of nature. Something that any human can do and thus protect themselves from all the deceptions that can be hidden behind so many scientific studies.

A few days ago some relatives disagreed in a post I made on Facebook about a statistical study in which the chlorination of water is related to bladder cancer. They said it was lax. If you want to delve into the case, I recommend you visit the following link. To solve such a mess quickly, I use a logic similar to the case of the ball. I ask: Is the chlorination of water created by nature? No. When it was decided to chlorinate the water, were the effects of it known in the face of prolonged exposure to it for the human being or is there a study that certifies the safety at the cellular level of the compounds that are used to chlorinate the water? No. Are there studies showing that chlorination of water can be linked to disease? Yes. Is it possible that the human being is being damaged by the chlorination of water at the cellular level since, just as it oxidizes bacteria, it oxidizes us, and oxidation is a process that damages the cell? Yes. Is the study carried out interesting when relating bladder cancer cases to the concentration of compounds that appear in the water after chlorinating it? Yes. In my case, I have been drinking non-chlorinated water for years and my experience tells me that it is a gigantic difference. I believe that today public water treatment systems should look to other technologies that do not require chlorination of water to provide water with sanitary guarantees, such as nanofiltration. However, as a consumer I have remedied because my cells want and deserve the best possible water.

In the same way I ask myself with each thing that I am going to put in my body, topically, or orally.

The intellectual development of our species is accompanied by a development of the ego. It is a pairing that no one can escape. However, it can lead us down a dark path that separates us from nature, which, without commercial, economic or other interests, rather than being happy, gives us the best for our survival and health.

Thus, having nature as the greatest possible engineer (that no human being can overcome), one realizes what things are good and what things are not for our correct organic functioning. And for this, no scientific study is needed to show that an apple freshly picked from a tree is more optimal than an industrial cake with apple flavor and added vitamin B. In the world in which we live today there are many commercial stimuli (marketing) that want to make you believe that the new product with added minerals, calcium and omega 3, is better than the natural foods that nature gives you with the same components. Wait Fer ... but omega 3 is omega 3. What difference does it make if you eat it with a designed product than with a natural product? This is the great trap of most food biochemists. They are thinking at the molecular level, but they are not thinking holistically. Foods that provide you with a specific nutrient not only provide you with that nutrient, but there is a natural alchemic balance of more nutrients that make that food balanced and optimal. Something that no matter how much you have studied you can never match with nature, no matter how much the human being tries. The whole life is not exceeded in any laboratory. The only thing that humans can actually do is observe natural laws and generate the optimal conditions for it to give us the best of itself. This is why my opinion is firm without the need for scientific studies to support it. All we humans need is to reconnect with nature and the laws that really govern us. If we follow them, the disease will be something totally accidental and that can be repaired with some natural remedies, and in some cases of extreme necessity with drugs and / or surgery. And I say this because I have been without taking a drug for about 7 years and practically without getting sick.

So what do we need for our little body to function optimally?

1. Good air quality.

2. Good water quality (antioxidant and alkaline like Kangen Water)

3. Real food, organic, without pesticides and pesticides.

4. Enjoy life in a real way.

This above is based on observing nature: How long does it take you to die if you don't breathe? Few minutes. So if it is so decisive for us, why don't we take care of the quality of the air we breathe so that it is as clean as possible? Because we believe our human tale that that is not really that determining ...

How long does it take you to die if you don't drink? Few days. So why don't we drink the minimum amount and the highest quality possible? Because we believe the television story that soda or beer give us a feeling of living ...

How long does it take us to die if we don't eat? A few weeks. So why don't we worry about eating the best possible foods that nourish our cells well, avoiding everything that hurts us? Because we live in an unprecedented media deception and we believe that everything they tell us on TV is the absolute truth while we stop learning from the only true teacher. Nature.

All this egoic game is not only leading us to disease, but it is also causing us to damage the planet in an almost irreversible way with the overexploitation of natural resources to produce many things that we do not really need. Changing the way we eat, drink and breathe is not just cool fad. It is really an act of conscience that will give us an opportunity as a species so that future generations have clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink and fertile soil to plant.

If you want to know more about the diet that I recommend and what things must be completely eliminated to have a full life, I invite you to visit the following post.



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