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Your immune system: an army of cells against any infection.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

We live in atypical times... We are facing a supposed global pandemic that has terrified society. Cases of coronavirus infection in Europe are increasing considerably every day. Millions of people are in quarantine to prevent the contagion from spreading further and the only weapon we have right now to stop this situation is our immune system and isolation.

Yes, our immune system is the only thing that can fight the coronavirus right now. It's actually what really fights any infection, even when we get a vaccine. The immune system is designed to defend our body against any pathogen, however, do we have our immune system strong? That's another question... According to Dr Hiromi Shinya, an international medical eminence in gastroenterology, consumption and lifestyle habits are decisive for optimal health. What does this mean? According to what we eat, drink and do in our lives, we will create the optimal conditions for our body to function better and our immune system is empowered to act more effectively against any possible infection. What seems so obvious is not something that, especially Western society, is doing. Industrial "food", alcoholic beverages, tobacco, carbonated and sugary drinks, the low quality of agricultural foods, the excess consumption of food of animal origin, the consumption of drugs, the excessive use of medicines, the lack of practice of sport, overwork and stress, etc ... cause our system to be in a situation of permanent stress on several levels which without any doubt weakens our immune system.

When I look at COVID-19 disease progression statistics by country, I can't help but think about the nutritional habits of each place. In China, where the disease broke out, and where I have lived for 2 years, they have healthier nutritional habits than in the West. There is little alcohol consumption, the nutritional basis is rice and not bread or flours. People drink a lot of green tea, which contains a lot of antioxidants and the smoking rate is considerably lower. However, the levels of pollution to which they are exposed in a large part of the population are higher, something that can directly influence the incidence of respiratory diseases as is the case. Anyway, with twice as many cases as in Italy, China has almost a thousand fewer deaths and the epidemic is on track to be fully controlled, unlike Italy or Spain in which the epidemic is still growing.

Comparing the data from China, the data from Italy, Spain and other European countries, with that of other countries such as Korea, India and more humble countries where consumption habits are more natural, we can see that there is a very large difference in the number of infections and deaths that can be due to consumption habits and lifestyle that lead to a depression of the immune system. What I say will resonate with some and grind others. It is very difficult to prove this medically or scientifically, as it would take a very detailed tracing of many things and I think it will never happen because it does not matter. However, I appeal to common sense... according to my personal experience, it is clear that the lifestyle of Western countries is totally different from that of other less developed countries and that they have a much more humble life, without excesses and generally with a better diet based on cereals, grains and vegetables with less amount of agrotoxics, in addition to the higher exposure to microorganisms in general terms. This makes their immune systems better prepared for any infection and therefore the spread of the virus is less accentuated.

My recommendation to people who resonate with this test is to focus on boosting their immune system. To do this, the first and most important thing is to stop damaging our system with any

product or substance that is harmful. Then you have to start giving your body what it really needs to function in the best conditions and thus begin to boost our immune system. In the following post I give more detailed guidelines and advice on how to strengthen your body through changing nutritional habits. Be smart, observe what is happening, draw your own conclusions and see how best to avoid a contagion if you respond satisfactorily to a possible infection. It is the army of specialized cells in your immune system that is the only one capable of defeating this virus and any other infection by microorganisms. Take care of yourself by boosting your immune system and follow the quarantine.



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