Deep Program

Deep Program


Are you that type of person that likes to go deep in whatever you do? Are you looking for a transcendental change in your life that will put you on the good track for getting where you want to be? This is the perfect program for that. We will go deep over your transformation for four months in which we will have one session per week of 90 minutes. During the first month we are going to focus in your physical development in all aspects, the idea is getting you in shape and to a full potential of your body during the program. In the second month we will focus in your emotional world. We will review all the limiting emotions and beliefs you have that are not allowing you to go in the direction you want. I will teach you how to take control of your emotions and use them well. We will talk about your sexuality and I will tell you a good way to use this powerful energy to help you reach your goals. During the third month we are going to explore the mysteries of the mind and I am going to teach you everything I know to use thinking as the most powerful transformative force we humans have. I will teach you how to expand your intelectual life and how to be more creative and communicative. Finally, in the fourth month we are going to go deeply in all the relationships you have and you will understand how they are conditioning us. I will share with you another way to see those relationships and how to deal with them. After the coaching you will have solid roots and you will have transformed your life in very deep level. You will have learn everything you need to keep a good body care, emotional stability, focus your energy and thinking in going in the direction of your dreams, and having healthy relationships. During the program and the next six months of the program you will have WhatsApp support and attention. You will be able to contact me anytime to solve doubts and posible issues.


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