Starter Program

Starter Program


Are you ready to start your transformation process? Do you want to start and take it easy? Let start with a 30 day program. We will have 2 sessions a week of 60 minutes each to design your transformation and make you start with it. In the first week I will assist you to change the main aspects of your nutrition and body care. During the second week we will talk about your emotional world and I will share with you key aspects for having a more balance emotional life. In the third week we are going to focus in how to build the life you want. Finally, during the fourth week, we will give time to your relationships situation with the main people in your world: Parents, partner, children. When you finish the coaching program you will have the basic tools for: Taking good care of your body and bring it to the next level. Taking control of your emotions and not be a victim of them. Design and take the next steps for having the life you dream. Understand the dynamics of your closer relationships and be able to manage them in a more loving way. After the program I will check with you for the next month through WhatsApp your processes and evolution.


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