I was born in Madrid in 1984 inside of a conservative family. I went to a public school close to my house and I grew up in a neighbourhood with a lot of parks and natural environments. Since young, I was very active in sport and science. I always loved subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics while in school and high school. When I started university I decided to study Physical Therapy. However, I did not finish the degree due to several personal reasons and I changed to study International Trade, which I finished.

After qualifying, I got an internship in a German multinational logistics company (Hellmann Worldwide Logistics) and I started my professional career there, where I worked for almost 7 years. Thanks to the different managing positions I had in the company, I could live in China, where I had one of the most amazing professionals and personal experiences of my life and it became an eye-opening experience in many ways. Being working there I could have a 360º view of the world and the economy and after two years I realized that I wanted to make a total shift in my life and come back to my vocational skills like health, science & personal development. So I quit my job and I went in the direction of my dreams.

The next few years I invested my time in specific training and travelling the world. I spent long periods of time in Asia, North Africa, Europe and Latin America, absorbing and learning from different cultures and people. It was a great and very enriching experience. In 2014, I decided to settle in Peru for a few years to learn about specific natural holistic healing techniques, permaculture, and ancient Andean cosmovision in order to integrate all and be able to offer a simple but really efficient way to transform people´s lives.

Today I have an incredible life between Europe &  Latin America helping others to achieve their goals thanks to a philosophy based on natural and holistic ways of living. I am an entrepreneur and life coach but I am also a musician, philosopher, and artist. 

I keep dreaming about working in creating a better world for future generations and going into a more sustainable and ecological economy.

Looking forward to working with you!