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Kangen Water® is definitely the first thing I recommend to include in anybody´s life if they want to have a quick change in their health. I have been drinking Kangen Water® and distributing this technology since 2015 and I have seen an amazing transformation in myself and many other people. Kangen Water® is the result of an electrolysis process by Enagic® devices what turns the water from your tap in antioxidant, alcaline and highly hydrating water.

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In the book, I share my personal and detailed investigation of Kangen Water®. You will also find references to scientifical studies about ionized water and technical differences with other brands.




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I've always known that water is (obviously) super important to one's health but I never expected that after just a few days of drinking only Kangen water that I would experience the results I experienced. I woke up earlier and with more energy for my day. I felt lighter in my body and clearer in my mind. My mood was upbeat and I felt like every cell in my body was subtly buzzing with vitality. Beyond the positive physical effects, I experienced there was also just a sense of general well-being that pervaded my being...

You know that feeling when you take a sip of cold water after being parched and you let out a big "ahhhhh"... thats what my whole body felt like!

In the words of Bruce Lee... Be like (amazing) water, my friends!

Matt Shroads, United States.

"Within a few days, I felt the difference. I was very surprised because I take good care of my health. Yet the difference was very noticeable. More energy, better skin, feeling hydrated. I love this water. Thank you, Fer for your knowledge and for generously sharing your water with our community..."

Nalaya, The Netherlands.

"I have been drinking 9,5ph Kangen water for the last year. Not only I felt a big difference in my daily mood, strength and focus for making my desires a reality: my willings of eating meats and drinking alcohol as a habit started to disappear. I went from 110kg to 75kg, and I don't let some occasion now and then for good wine and any meal with nice people.
Nature in her wisdom produces this water in a natural way in very few places in the world. Enagic was able to replicate this and make possible for more people to receive this water, with documented data of the benefits from prestigious Doctors all over the world. If you have any doubt, just try it: anyone can have it for free for a month."

Cesar Padilla, Argentina.

My real experience with Kangen started like a 5 months ago although I knew Fernando and Kangen for 1 year. I have started drinking 3 litres per day for a week and woooow what a difference !!! everything in my body started to change the same day I have started. I felt more energized, more clear and more focus in my mind, my emotions were balanced, I was feeling my body flowing, my joints were more flexible ... I thought even I know everything about everything unless you experience in real life you don't know anything.
I recommend to all beings just to try to see what good water can do to you and there is really no miracle it's just GOOD actually the BEST water ever !!!
Thank you Fernando for sharing this freely and so willingly and patiently with all of us

Tunca Bolyir, Turkey.

Thank you Fer, for your beautiful service to distribute this amazing healthy water! I felt the benefits straight away! 🙏🌟I recommend this water If you are looking to improve the quality of your life.

Angelica Mastrogiuseppe, Italy.

I absolutely recommend kangen water, it has been a before and after in my life, I feel like my body is clean, my emotions and it fills me with life and energy.
Kangen water is the great key to keep us in balance in the face of so much disturbance in the world today. Honestly, if you have the resources to acquire the kangen machine today, do not hesitate a minute, it is a tremendous blessing for you and your loved ones. I am very grateful to meet Fer a magical and generous being always with such a willingness to explain the benefits with such simplicity and joy. I am happy drinking Kangen water every day! If you don't believe it, try it!

Andrea Rodriguez Funes, Chile.

I’ve been drinking Fer’s Kangen water for three weeks now and I can feel and see the difference in my health, energy level, and the clarity of my thoughts. I highly recommend for anyone to at least try this water and feel the change for themselves!

Miriam Altounji, Canada.

I will be eternally grateful to life for putting Fer on my path! First of all, by teaching me how important water is for health and letting me know the best water I can put in my body. And second, because he is a great person with a Holistic vision of our existence who has helped, guided and accompanied me throughout this time to unlearn the established, break with old paradigms and relearn new ways to have a more conscious life in all scopes.

Sonia Ávila, Spain.

Kangen Water is an authentic medicine... I just feel in the first glass that I drank. The quality of the water is incredible... My health improve , my skin reflected the hydration and the power of the anti oxidations . It’s the best option to prevent diseases , the best option to cook, to clean food from the dirty, and chemicals that food come...and it really cleans...i was amazed, what our food can contain and that we ingest to our bodies, and with an option that the Water Kangen machine has, it cleans perfectly - i share an image that after 2 tomato’s cleaned with Kangen Water...the water from the tomato’s turn yellow with so much chemicals that the food contains!!!!!! The Kangen Water it’s a big plus for life and a true medicine that can really give more health and improve the quality of life. I really wish that I had know Kangen Water earlier so I had the opportunity to help my father that die from cancer! - it’s interesting because the first thing that the Oncologist Doctors at Portugal (IPO hostipal institution) say to the patient is to change the quality of water that the paciente drinks ... to an alcalina and anti oxidant etc ... and that patients have big improves when they start changing the quality of water) I REALLY Wish I had met Kangen Water Earlier..... And I know about big healings and testimonials from other people...WOW...for me it is an obligation to humankind to talk and share about this water...I have to share. Please if you have the opportunity please try and have this is really a life changing for your life...your health... it can prevent many things... and give you so much life! And what is more important that our precious life?! Deep Gratitude Kangen Water for your existence 💧

Teresa Feijó, Portugal.

Water has always been vital to me, in every way. I have always drunk large amounts of water, until I became concerned if perhaps I had a deficiency, because nobody around me took as many amounts a day as I did. Until this wonderful little water came into my life. For the first time I had the feeling of satisfaction when taking it, and the understanding was immediate, I had never tried a water that really hydrated me before, therefore, I started drinking less water because now with less quantity I felt satisfied. I continue to drink Kangen water, at least 3 liters a day, without effort and with enthusiasm, because it is very easy to drink, fresh and light. My body feels better than ever, my mind clearer. It is my new medicine, the one that cures everything that comes my way, even when my emotions suffocate me, with a good sip of water, they return to their natural flow. I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to drink this water and whoever provides it to us, and I continue to take it, as much as I can; enjoying it as an ally, who accompanies me in day-to-day adventures, heals me, helps me, and drives me.
If you don't believe me, start taking it and then we'll talk.

Julied, Venezuela.

Thank you so much for the great support of uplifting the quarantine time of 3 months in the Sacred Valley Peru with the incredible KANGEN WATER ❤️

We feel such a profound impact in body, mind and spirit from all the minerals and 9.5 ph water quality. It has strengthened the immune system, brought long-lasting changes in shining skin, strong hair and healthy nails as well as raising the vibration in general.

As a water expert - we highly recommend Fer for receiving knowledgeable facts, life wisdom and nutritional advice!!! In gratitude.

Vera & Grant, Switzerland & USA.

Copia de Cambia tu agua, cambia tu vida.



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