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Plant Dieta with Alonso Del Rio 

Amazon Jungle - Peru

20 - 30th May 2024


What is La Dieta

La Dieta is an integral part of the Amazonian healing tradition that has been used for time immemorial by healers / curanderos to not only heal with the plants, but to learn from the plants. Although dieta is undergone in some other South American countries and their indigenous ancestral plant medicine practice, in Peru it has its deepest roots and most ancient and widespread tradition. 

There are hundreds of plants within this design that are known to be master teachers, master healers. Some are more well known than others, some may have obvious psychoactive properties, others may not - but this is no indicator of the potency or benefits that can be received from the plants.

Everything begins with humility and respect.

Nowadays, across the world, the most famous plant from the Amazonian tradition is affectionately known as the Grandmother Ayahuasca, and while a curandero may very well know and work with the Grandmother, usually dieta is held with other plants - maybe with ceremonies with the Grandmother to support the process.


The Tradicional dieta is an inner work that takes place in solitude and with minimal contact between human beings to be able to achieve greater depth in the journey to your interior.


Therefore, during the days of the diet, there should be no physical contact and it should only be strictly necessary for practical things.


You can only talk to Alonso in case you need to clarify something or receive some advice during the integration discussions.

You can also use no type of perfume, shampoo or chemicals in general (toothpaste, makeup, repellents, perfumes...). Just water.

In the diet, a particular diet is followed that is compatible with the plants that will be taken (in general cereals and legumes, all without salt, sugar and fat. It is not allowed to eat any type of fruit or vegetables) all permitted food will be given by us.

By being disconnected from our main habits and relationships, we suspend many of the conditions that usually govern us.


Mental and emotional patterns are more clearly detectable and allow us to do much more specific and concrete work in modifying bad thoughts and negative emotions.


This step is for humans  who are genuinely interested in healing, growth and transformation.


 Alonso Del Rio

Alonso del Río with 45 years of experience, lived in the Amazon Jungle for 13 years following the formation of a traditional healer under the guidance of Don Benito Arévalo, one of the most recognized Onaya Shipibo (medicine man), who died in 2005 when 84 years old.


Founder of Ayahuasca Ayllu, Alonso Del Rio expresses through his work what he considers the three most important manifestations of humanity: science, art and spirituality.

Life-long student of the ancestral American and worldwide traditions, to this date he is one of the main referents on the West in regards to the work with master plants and ancient cultures. He was born in Lima, Peru in 1962.


In 1977, while travelling in the Peruvian rainforest he had his first Ayahuasca experience. He met who would become his first and most important teacher, Don Benito Arevalo, from the Shipibo people. Alonso spent the next 13 years of his life living in different places of the Peruvian Amazon, receiving the traditional training of a "curandero" (healer). He soon realized that the classic use of Ayahuasca could be expanded to also serve as an instrument of self-knowledge and the expansion of consciousness. 

One of his very early conclusions about the work with sacred plants and the development of consciousness is that one must actually become an agent of change and manifest everything that has been learned for the common good.

He is the author of several music Albuns, and   "Tawantinsuyo 5.0" and "The Four altars" books , "La medicina Del perdon" y "Urpillay Sonqollay Kokamama" Documentaries and at his movie " The four Altars" . . 

Read More about Alonso here

Receive the knowlodge direcly from the Plants

This Dieta is lead by

the guidance of Alonso del Rio is a  very deep and respectful commitment that begins with your preparation before, during and after the diet.

This dieta it is a profound process for human beings who are genuinely interested in healing, growth and transformation.

In this Dieta we will work with various

plants & the Great Mother Ayahuasca.


Each participant will be assigned a plant that they will lay down during the diet period of time,

The Master Plants 


Generally matter express or represents the energy that contains each being in its essence. So from ancient times, healers observing the forms, structure and characteristics of plants began to discover their medicinal properties.

Along with Ayahuasca the

The Master Plants that you diet can be:*




Castaño amazónico


*After the mandatory video interview and meeting the conditions to participate in this diet, we will be send to you with all the information & proprieties about each plant, so you can choose which plant you want to use.

If you don't know, Alonso Del Rio will be able to assign which plant best suits you.


The Bahuaja Conservation Area

The Dieta will be hold at  Bahuaja Conservation Area that is a 132-hectare piece of land located on the Tambopata River in the department of Madre de Dios in the Peruvian Amazon dedicated primarily to the conservation of the Amazon ecosystem and related projects. In it we carry out diets, retreats and workshops. Our facilities were built with 90% reclaimed wood (naturally fallen trees). It was a big cost overrun but now we know it was worth it.


We have 2 wells from which we extract pure water through solar pumps. All the electrical energy in the place is photovoltaic and it is our goal that in the near future we will change the outboard motor to gasoline -that transports us to the area- for an electric outboard motor, cutting all dependence on oil and reducing our carbon footprint carbon to ZERO. 

With the aim of making our food also carbon neutral, we grow a wide variety of crops in-site, such as plantain, cassava and other tubers. We also have avocados, cocoa, pineapples, coffee, papayas, coconuts, lemons, sugar cane, guava, camu camu, mango, carambola, arazá, noni, moringa, anona and other exotic fruits, all grown organically.


We also have a significant amount of ayahuasca, chacruna, tobacco and coca planted as well as other medicinal plants. It is good to see with your own eyes what is happening in this hidden but very important place on the planet.


  • Transfer from airport to Puerto Maldonado hostel - airport on the 19th and 31st of May (arrivals and departure to Puerto Maldonado)

  • 2 nights in a simple inn in Puerto Maldonado before and after the diet + 1 meal organized on those days.

  • Round-trip transportation from Puerto Maldonado to the conservation area (50 minutes by taxi and 1h30m by boat through the river ),

  • 10 days of Jungle Diet - includes  7 days of diet and 3 days of post diet

  • The plant that will be taken every day,

  • 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies 

  • tobacco purge 

  • integration talks 

  • accommodation and food in the Jungle.

  •  Integration Pós Dieta Ebook

  •  Group zoom session 15 days after the retreat and 30 days after the retreat to which we suggest committing.


Important to Read
Conditions to apply to the Dieta:

  • All interested people must participate in a video interview with us to assess the relevance of this process in relation to their health and current situation.

  • All participants are required to present a comprehensive questionnaire addressing medical, biographical and motivational aspects.

  • Once these stages have been completed, it is necessary to make payment for the reservation.

  • After confirmation of the reservation payment, the accompaniment will be initiated through a private Telegram group, together with the other participants. In this group, you will be provided with guidance to begin the preparation of the process, as well as useful information for the journey.

*applications will close on April 20th 2024

This is a small group


Who are we?

Fer has been living in Peru for 7 seven years and has been learning with Alonso Del Rio from 2014 to date. 
Fer´s vision about master plants is that they can help as a human development tool, apart from healing and expansion of consciousness, in order to help humans have healthier and happier lives.

Teresa Feijó, Founder of MAMITAY, knew

Alonso Del Rio in 2016 when she had contact with his Books "Tawantinsuyo 5.0" and "Los cuatro Altares" and his music, which profoundly impacted her. But only in 2018 she had the privilege to meet him at his Center the "Casa de Mis Abuelos", en Taray -Sacred Valley, Peru and started to take plants guided by him. 

Fer & Teresa, will support and help you with all the processes of pre and post dieta

with Alonso Del Rio.

"We really know the impact of this work in our lives, we know  by experience that we could not be in better hands to do this kind of work"


I want to receive more information by assisting to the online meeting.

Thanks for registering.You will receive detail of the online meeting in your inbox.

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