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Changing your mind

Changing your mind can be a good option in different situations. I think it is important to be a flexible person to know how to accept new possibilities. However, one should change his mind as long as he is convinced of it and assumes responsibility for that change.

It is essential to know when one should change their idea or plan so as not to suffer the negative consequences that the change may entail. For example, it is not convenient to transform your idea or plan before an imminent trip. Planning for certain types of situations is essential and changes can jeopardize the expected results after planning. It is also important not to change your idea or plan in the face of someone else's proposal that may be convincing or, a priori, propose, at the last moment, a supposedly better option. It is extremely rare that a spontaneous idea or plan is better than something prepared with anticipation and dedication. We cannot forget the cases in which you feel doubt or your intuition manifests itself against said alternative plan. Follow your intuition...

It is worth mentioning something about the people who make suggestions or give ideas for your plans. In many cases, his intention is good and comes from a healthy place and with the intention of contributing, however, in this type of situation, the person who had the idea or prepared the plan has more details and information than the subject who raises something. Spontaneously. In other cases, (more than we believe) the subject giving the suggestion is conditioned by personal interests. And at this point, there are two options, what is consciously conditioned or what is subconsciously conditioned. In the first case, the person has a particular conscious interest and tries to get you to make the change or idea for her own interest without being interested in the possible negative consequences that it may have. In the second case, the person is not aware that he is motivated by personal interest and most likely has not thought about the negative consequences that the change of idea or plan may have for you. Listen to your intuition.

In summary, we can say that:

  1. It is usually a better decision to follow the plan than to make last-minute changes.

  2. Change your mind only when you are absolutely sure that the change is better and you can take responsibility for that change.

  3. Believe in your ideas and plans in the face of last-minute advice and proposals.



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