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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The current economy and I dare to say that everything in this system, is created to make money. But have we ever wondered what money is? Why does it arise? To what end?

With the appearance of agriculture and livestock in the Neolithic, barter also appeared, which allowed to exchange some things for others and thus part of the population did not have to work the land and animals and could earn their livelihood with other trades, thus emerging the first specializations. The problem is that barter was lame because in order for someone to change something they produced, there had to be someone else interested in that product and also offer something that the first one needed or wanted. When this problem was identified, things began to be exchanged for precious stones and metals that represented the value of the things that had been changed. Already around the seventh-century BC.C, the first coins began to be minted in ancient Turkey. From that moment on, you could exchange anything for coins and then, when needed, acquire others of a different nature. This was a tremendous advance in trade and in the development of humanity since the only premise to generate a mercantile transaction is that someone was interested in something you produced and had enough coins to pay.

Money alone, for which it was invented, is an excellent tool. It was the solution that was found at that time to solve a problem that appeared in the exchange of things. What's more, surely the

person who came to mind for the first time did it with the best of intentions, and if he saw what the world has become today, perhaps he would even regret it... in any case, surely, it would have occurred to someone else. So what is out of balance or unbalanced in our society? When I study humanity and see the great things that have been achieved in many areas, I marvel at our ability to create beauty. Similarly, I see a similar power-oriented on the opposite energy, destruction. At one point in my life, I blamed money for most of the problems we have as a society until I realized that there are people and groups that do wonderful things with money. So I understood that what is unbalanced is our relationship with this tool, which also has a direct relationship with other of our capabilities such as our workforce, service capacity, ingenuity, creativity, and POWER ..

Throughout history, since money was invented, it has been used as a tool to accumulate power. This is determined because we are all valuing money as the most precious thing, and therefore, the one who has a lot acquires power. Thus, in our days, a person who has a lot of money is related to a powerful person, and a person with little money is considered someone with little power. However, is this true? In my opinion, no. Moreover, this confusion is causing us to create a society that is mediocre in many respects. And I refer to the facts... According to the BBC, 1% of society controls 82% of the wealth. If we analyze this in detail and consider the importance we give to money, it is like saying that 82% of the population has given its power to 1% of the population. My question at this point is, how is it possible that we have come to this situation? The Western world has created rules of the game, with a global trend, which are instilled in us since we are very small. So we grow with a program that leads us to believe that to be something or someone in life, we must have a good job, have economic stability, a good car or car, go to expensive restaurants, belong to a social club and a lot of other things. For years I walked that model of life until at 27 years old I realized that it had no meaning and I decided to abandon my work and discover some deeper meaning in life.

In the last six years I have given it many turns and every day I am clearer that the most powerful person on the planet is not the one who has more money or has accumulated more power and weapons, but the person who has the greatest capacity to love. And this capacity can be broken down into many qualities such as humility, ability to be at the service, responsibility, gratitude, acceptance, resilience, respect, inclusivity, integration, etc ... It is, therefore, when you develop these qualities that you begin to enter into a constant stream of abundance without having to pay attention to the money you have. That is, you are discovering your real power.

Surely there are people thinking, "Yes, but money is necessary, you can't live without money." This phrase is widely used in many forums, but it must be qualified so that we can understand exactly that it is not really true. What we really need is air to breathe, water to drink, good food to eat and to be able to develop psychoemotional. Money is simply a tool we have created so that we can meet our true needs in a more efficient way. So, if your goal in life is to make money, it is very likely that you will get it, even that you become a millionaire, but I guarantee that once you reach that point, you will realize that there is something more in life apart from money, recognition, vanity, luxury, expensive cars and high standing restaurants. And you won't be able to buy that thing with all your millions. The problem at that point is that you'll be so immersed in your own trap that to get out you'll need to acknowledge your mistake, and that's very hard to do when the house of cards you've built is about to collapse... Anyway, you always have the opportunity to blow and turn your life around.

However, when your concern is to develop as a human being, attending to your physiological, emotional and intellectual needs, you realize that you should never worry about money... Money will come to you depending on your ability to be in service, to work for a loving purpose, useful to society. Cultivating the qualities seen above will make you grow as a person, have healthy relationships and live fully, freely and happily. It is time for society to take a turn in this direction. I think we have already seen clearly that the other way is a path of self-destruction and therefore of widespread destruction. The tireless search for money has led us to spend a lot of energy and resources on activities and things that have made us dehumanize ourselves in an accelerated way, leading to a planetary situation of ecological and socio-political chaos.

From my point of view, it is very important that each human being re-establishes an order of priorities more in line with our nature and needs. In this way, we will recover our power ceded to the rules of capital and the interest of a few, in order to redistribute wealth in a more organic, orderly and logical way. Money is a wonderful tool that can help us evolve as human beings and create beautiful things.



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