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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

If I had to bet everything on a reason why humanity is in the situation it is, I would have no hesitation in betting on fear. Obviously, there are more factors that influence but I think to a large extent, our society is still in diapers because we have not learned well to manage fear

In order to talk about fear, we must first know what exactly it is. "Fear is a very primitive emotion that is intimately related to our survival instinct." It's that easy.

Fear fulfils a biological function that is to alert us to any danger and react quickly and quickly to save our lives. It is what we can call a "reflex emotion". This behaviour can be seen in both humans and animals. If an animal is afraid it reacts reflexively, and its response can range from flight to frontal attack with all its determination. Humans act exactly the same on many occasions, the difference with animals is that we have the potential ability to manage fear in a much more rational way and respond to it in a better way. This is thanks to our intellect.

Every human being knows what fear is. We've all been afraid of the dark as children or experienced fear when watching a horror movie. As we grow up, fears of other things appear, but the nature of fear remains the same. It is an alert mechanism to protect our lives. Fear is neither good nor bad. What is tremendously harmful is that fear dominates you, that it is totally irrational and that it nullifies your ability to think to respond intelligently when it appears. Fear is an emotion that, when it is out of control, greatly limits our life but if we learn to manage it becomes a great ally for our personal development. Fear always hides something behind to make us grow and usually when fear appears it is better to curb it. The best antidote to fear is courage.

Looking at today's society, we see that fear is a parameter that sets the trend of global behaviour. Power systems use fear to manipulate society, and this happens at all levels of society: parents with the child, the teacher with the student, the boss with the subordinate, etc ... Humans consciously and unconsciously use fear induction to have more power over others. This elevated to a global dimension becomes a tremendously powerful weapon for those who induce it, and something very dangerous for society. Throughout history, the politics of fear have been used throughout the planet, usually through the use of violence. Today, the thing is more sophisticated and other types of tricks are used to induce fear and generate patterns of behaviour in society. Due to the global connection through the internet and the media, fear spreads virally, and this allows systems to take the great flock wherever they want.

My personal opinion is that if you really want to live more freely, you must learn to manage fear. We must stop feeding fear. You have to stop assuming the fears that others have and that they project on you: Your father, your mother, your teacher, your boss, the television, the newspaper, the doctor and even the neighbour opposite. Fear must be understood as a teacher, and not as a brake. Confront him and ask him why he appears, and what lesson he comes to give us. If, on the other hand, we let this irrational fear block us, we will live our whole lives conditioned and we will not be able to open ourselves to the true essence of living. To finish with this blog post, I would like to tell you an anecdote. A few years ago I had an accident with my car. I was travelling through the mountains of Peru and in a curve, I lost control of my pickup and fell down a hillside circling bell. The car was completely destroyed and we were saved thanks to the fact that it had roll bars. Well, during the accident I didn't experience fear. Fear and doubts appeared the next day. However, the experience and absence of fear at the most critical moment made me see clearly, that it makes no sense to live life in fear. Because the greatest fear we can have is of death, and death is something that comes to all of us and we can't know when. To live in fear is to die in life.



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