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The antioxidant power of Kangen Water®

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

More than 5 years ago I discovered Kangen® Water thanks to my mother getting cancer. At that time my transformation had already begun, especially at the nutritional level and my mother's illness led me to dive, never better said, into the science behind this water that Dr Hiromi Shinya and other doctors endorsed as the best water to drink for its anti-addictive power, the great contribution of minerals and its super-hydrating capabilities.

But what does all this mean and what exactly is an antioxidant? Well, I will answer this question in several posts. In this, I would like to concentrate on the antioxidant power because from my point of view, after my experience of years, it is the main quality and the basis of the rest of the properties. To do this I will first explain what an antioxidant is.

If you remember elementary high school chemistry, the terms antioxidant and oxidant will ring a bell. The simplest description is that an antioxidant is any molecule or atom that has great ease of giving electrons due to its high energy charge, and an oxidant is any molecule or atom that has a great capacity to capture or steal electrons due to its lack of electrons and/or energy. Therefore, an antioxidant is an energy molecule and an oxidant is a molecule that takes away energy. Although we are not able to perceive it with the naked eye, the flow of electrons between antioxidants and oxidants is constant in nature. That is, we live on a planet where energy is permanently flowing under this principle. Interesting right?

Just as in nature this is happening permanently in our bodies. Our cells need the energy to perform their vital functions and excrete oxidizing molecules (uric acid, CO2 and others) as a result of their metabolism that enter the bloodstream to be eliminated through urine, sweating and breathing mainly. This is why it is very important to have a diet rich in antioxidants (fruits, fresh vegetables, cereals, grains, herbs, spices and of course Kangen® Water) and avoid all products that contain oxidants and acidifiers (meats, fried, industrial products, sweets, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages etc ...)

So far so clear... Now let's see now why Kangen® Water has these antioxidant properties and also, what is the difference with other antioxidants from food.

In the photo you are looking at above, you have a graphic diagram of what happens inside the Kangen® Water machine. This process is known as water electrolysis. You also studied it in high school, but you probably don't remember. This process involves passing an electric current through a body of water. This electric current is millions of electrons (which give up the antioxidants and capture the oxidants) that enter the water through it and generate a modification of its molecule. As you know, water is a great electrical conductor, especially when it has mineral content as can be seen in the graph. Well, now that we understand this, let's see what happens with the water molecule and other atoms that are in the water. The electrons will enter through the negative pole, so near this plate, the free Atoms H + (hydrogen ions that define the pH of a liquid) will seek parity between them thanks to the abundance of electrons forming H2 and H2- (hydrogen gas and active molecular hydrogen). It will also happen that a part of the water molecules (H2O) will dissociate, as the graph shows, giving H2 and H2- and OH- groups (hydroxyls). This reaction will cause the pH of the water to become highly alkaline. But we will talk about that in the next post since it deserves a good explanation so that you can understand that it is not dangerous to drink alkaline water. In addition, the beneficial mineral ions in the water (sodium Na+, Potasium K+, Magnesium Mg++, Calcium Ca++ and Iron Fe+) will be concentrated in that mass of water near the negative pole. These minerals are essential for the proper functioning of many metabolic processes in the body while maintaining body homeostasis. This mass of water close to the negative pole, with a large amount of H2 and H2- and concentration of minerals is highly antioxidant which means, as we have seen before, that it will provide millions of electrons for your cells to function well, and they will also help neutralize free radicals, which are the oxidative substances resulting from cellular metabolism as we have seen before.

At the negative pole, the opposite process occurs. Part of the water molecules in their dissociation will give up electrons forming H+ that will go to the negative plates to form new H2 and the oxygen atoms will seek parity between them to form O2 (molecular oxygen). In addition, the negatively charged molecules (Carbonates, sulfates, nitrates, chlorine, etc.) dissolved in the water will be attracted by polarity to this positive plate, thus eliminating them from the water we are going to drink and therefore avoiding their intake which is harmful to our body. This water is what we call Acid Water, which has benefits for plants and for our skin in addition to other uses such as household cleaning.

As you can see in the same process we obtain two water with opposite characteristics that will benefit us internally (Kangen® Water) and outside (Acid Water)

Unfortunately, all the waters on the market are oxidative waters as you can see in the video on my website. This is due to the water treatment processes required by law to eliminate harmful microorganisms that can come into the water and produce diseases. In other words, the chlorination of water. I want to make something clear, I am not saying that the chlorination of water is not necessary to guarantee the healthiness of its consumption. What I do think is that it is insufficient to have the highest quality of water something basic for our health, or that today it can be changed for better formulas to avoid the intake of this substance that is harmful to our health since it is a biocide that kills by oxidation, precisely what we want to avoid for our cells. That is why Kangen® Water equipment, in addition to electrolysis, has an antibacterial filter of activated carbon and calcium sulfite that removes chlorine and particles up to 5 microns so that the water reaches the electrolysis chamber as close as possible to its natural source.

As I said before, this is the main characteristic of Kangen® Water and by which its high alkalinity and its great moisturizing capacity are produced. These properties, especially antioxidants, have great anti-ageing, detoxifying and cellular energizing power. In addition, there are many studies that demonstrate these properties and the great positive impact they have at the cellular level. Now you can understand why the slogan of our company (Enagic®) is "Change your water, change your life". When you drink Kangen® Water on a regular basis, you are making a big change in your hydration and energy status that will take you to a new level of physical and personal development.

This is why I endorse, recommend and distribute this technology as one of the main tools in my personal development and healthy lifestyle programs, prioritizing it even before food.

If you are interesad@ to delve deeper into this technology and its benefits you can download the book "Change your Water, Change Your Life" that I have written with all the necessary information to understand that it is a smart investment for the rest of your life. You can also contact me by any of the media that you can find at the bottom of the page.

I will continue writing in the next few days about the rest of the properties.




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