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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

When we talk about work, most of us think about what we do for a living. It's not true? Our mind takes us to the place where we perform the tasks or activities that provide us with economic retribution in exchange for our time. A lot of people, when they talk about work, see it as a heavy burden. Something that has to be done because we have to earn a living. A few years ago I found myself in that situation. There came a point where the job I had, got tired, I lost motivation and having to go to work was suffering.

In recent years I have been reflecting on the work and have found a better way to understand what it really is. So I went to physics to go deeper. According to Wikipedia, "In classical mechanics, a force is said to perform a work when there is a displacement of its point of application in the direction of that force. The work of force on that body will be equivalent to the energy needed to displace it. Therefore, a certain mass is said to have energy when that mass has the ability to produce work; moreover, this statement follows that there is no work without energy. Therefore, it is said that coal, gasoline, electricity, and atoms are sources of energy because they can produce some work or become another type of energy; to understand this one takes into account the universal principle of energy according to which energy is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed." Bringing this into our lives, work is the result of applying our internal, physical and/or mental, focused force on something. Thus we can deduce that many activities of our daily life require our strength to get a job. From making the bed, grooming, cooking, cleaning my house, taking the children to school, etc

It is very important that when developing personally we are clear about this since we must dignify the work as a fruit of our effort, which brings an added value to our lives, which is to feel fulfilled, instead of seeing it as a burden. By observing nature I see the amount of effort and/or forces that each living being focuses on to only survive. However, I don't see any bees, foxes, or dolphins complaining about working. At one point in our history as a species, we were in it. From the time we got up until we went to bed, we used a lot of energy to get food for the survival of the tribe. Subsequently, and as we developed rationally and intellectually, we managed to develop agriculture which meant a level of abundance such that no human being should worry about their livelihood, even if in practice this is not the case. Later the guilds, industry and services developed, diversifying to this day the way we earn a living.

So what do I have to do so that work is not a burden? First of all, thank you that you can work. Carrying out an activity that serves society is something that will nourish us beyond economic compensation. I understand that there are jobs that are harder, and more sacrificial and that there are people who have really difficulty changing jobs. However, what we can change is our attitude towards that work. In other words, you either do what you love, or you love what you do. I firmly believe that each of us has a specific mission for society. However, the system in which we live does not lead us to discover and develop that "element". Moreover, the system distances us from it because since childhood we are instilled that we have to study to have a good position, to give us a good amount of money so that we do not have to fear for our survival. Where did those who designed the system leave this concept? Thank God there are already schools and methodologies that teach children to develop those skills they have innately. I am convinced that this will make

Society is a major leap in generations to come, transforming society towards a more natural order where each of us does what we love to do.

Meanwhile, to those of us who are in our adulthood and want to change our situation regarding work, tell them that if we can, it is never too late and that it is worth doing. Society is not going to be transformed from top to bottom, I believe that never in the history of humanity has it been like this... but from top to bottom. Therefore it is important that each person who feels that call dares to take the step, generating social changes from the base. In the same way, to those who really have it very complicated, and are too afraid or uncertain, it is important that they change their relationship with work, and see and value for themselves the amount of work they do per day that comforts and gives meaning to our lives, beyond what I earn money with.

Finally, I would like to share with you a book that helped me a lot in my personal and professional transformation. It's Ken Robinson's "The Element." An excellent book to understand what success really is in life and how you can achieve it by developing what you were born to do.

Blessings, Fer.

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