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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

From an etymological point of view, creativity is simply the ability to create. Something so simple and complex at the same time is the fundamental basis of existence. What would the Universe be without creativity? Surely it would not exist...

All life is the fruit of creativity. Imagine how much creativity is represented in the biodiversity that exists on the planet, in the different types of planets of the solar system, galaxies... We should think in infinite terms to come to understand the dimension that this concept takes.

Now let's focus on how creativity manifests itself in our lives. Our father and mother came together in the greatest possible act of creativity to conceive of our lives. The genetic mixing of their DNAs set up a new genetic sequence that determined how we are on a physical level as an individual. Over time we absorb knowledge, mature at the sexual level and finally reach our adulthood where creativity reaches its point of maximum potential to create over a long period in our lives. We can therefore say that creativity is energy or capacity that expands naturally and proportional to the time of life. However, our species has created a series of control systems that slow down the expansion of creativity in much of our society or cause it to manifest itself destructively. This fact is the cause of much dissatisfaction, frustration and pain.

How many of us have been enlisted in the expansion of our creativity since we were children? How many of us have seen dreams cut short? How many of us have abandoned what naturally asked to be cared for and expanded? Many times I think of all those human beings who passed through the Earth and who were persecuted for being tremendously creative or those who were never able to develop their creativity to its full potential because of these forms of control. Thank God, little by little, society is changing and every day there are more possibilities to expand our creativity to bring it to its full potential. However, I also see that this energy is also used in many cases to create horrible things. Again we find a divine and natural tool, which misused has the potential to generate a lot of damage. That is why I find it very important that society becomes aware and responsible for the natural capacities we have, including creativity. When we use creativity to create beauty, facilitate the life of society, solve ecological problems, make music, art, etc., we are going on the path of love, and therefore making optimal use of this energy. But when we use creativity to draw up plans and ideas that harm one or more people, the environment, and society, we are using creativity in the wrong way. When we use creativity properly, it becomes a tool for expanding the self. It comforts us, and makes us feel good and happy. When I use it inappropriately, it becomes a tool of contraction of the being, it harms us, and makes us feel bad and unhappy.

So how can we make good use of this very important energy? We must focus on being creative in the direction of love. Finding motivations that lead us to improve society in any of its areas is a good technique to use creativity correctly. Developing artistic disciplines is a good way to help our creativity expand. Music, painting, photography, sculpture, poetry... anyone is good. Finding better ways to raise our children, communicate and to use natural resources, are undoubtedly manifestations of the good use of creativity. We must also move away from negative thinking and emotions that will lead to more destructive behaviors.

Creativity is very important in our path of personal development. If we wbehavioursant to grow and expand in our lives, we must pay special attention to how we use this energy. It will depend on where and how it will expand, bringing us satisfaction and happiness or the opposite.




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