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The coronavirus crisis.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Although it seems recurrent, I think it is rather intelligent to write about this global phenomenon that occupies all the media there are and to be.

As we all know, this virus (SARS-COV2), develops the DISEASE COVID 19. Its outbreak has occurred in Wuhan, China, and has expanded globally with a strong contagion capacity.

But what does SARS mean? It stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Which is nothing other than the symptomatology of the disease. But what else is behind SARS-COV2? Doing some research and sharing information with some friends I found out that there is a patent owned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention belonging to the United States government and whose content claims the invention of the SARS-COV virus. To see the full patent you can go to the following link. SARS-VOC was first detected on March 15, 2003, in Hanoi, Vietnam (according to WHO). The provisional application for the patent of the virus dates from April 25, 2003. It is very curious to see that the registration of the patent claiming authorship of the virus is shortly after a month of the first known outbreak.

These days I have already read articles and opinions that say that the outbreak has been provoked by someone. And the truth is that I would not be surprised... If humans are able to deliberately create wars and publicize them, why wouldn't we be able to generate a pandemic? You may have the question of why anyone would want to generate such a disaster... and it's a good question. The truth is that I do not know if this has been provoked or has been fortuitous. And besides, I do not opt for any of the options since it is pure speculation. What I do analyze is what can happen with this and who can come in handy.

First of all, the first thing that can be measured in this situation is the level of fear and panic that society has. This indicates in parallel how manipulable we are, which perhaps allows us to know if society is in a position to accept new norms or paradigm shifts in the system. As we have seen, first in China and then in Italy and Spain, the way to fight the pandemic is to send people home in order to avoid further infections and for medical centres to collapse. I recommend that you follow this measure so that we can return to normal as soon as possible, but at the same time, I invite you to reflect on everything that is happening. Whether it is a natural or provoked cause, it is necessary to make a reflective analysis of how we are acting as a global society. In my view, authorities around the world should have closed borders as soon as they saw china's outbreak running like wildfire. However, this did not happen, and the virus has spread rapidly around the world. I can't believe the authorities didn't have first-hand information and how to respond preemptively before the pandemic broke out. This puts us in two assumptions, either that those in power are really inept, or that there was interest in the pandemic spreading.

I consider the first option unlikely, even if it is what they want to appear. It makes more sense to me that this story has not been slowed down before by the interest in it expanding. And for what? To sow fear perhaps... As Jose Luis Sampedro said , "Governing with fear is very effective. If you threaten the people you're going to slaughter them, then you don't disgorge them, but you blow them up, you hook them up to a car... They will think; well, at least he hasn't slaughtered us."

So I think this pandemic is the way to create a threat to justify measures or changes in the system that were already scheduled. These measures can be of a health nature, such as the imposition of justified vaccines after the pandemic, since there is an increasing number of people who opt for non-vaccination or naturotherapy and this reduces the pharmaceutical industry; of an economic nature, such as taking currency and banknotes out of circulation because they are an agent of contagion, which would lead to digitizing all economic transactions so that they are traceable and taxable,

which would eliminate the entire underground economy and generate an amount of taxes that are not collected today; of a political nature such as the unification of customs, territorial or human trafficking policies; of security, to justify greater controls at airports, borders and other transport, for other purposes, etc ...

Anyway, we will see how long the pandemic lasts... From now on it is important to mentally write down what is happening to understand the depth of this matter, such as how long the alert states last, when the vaccine appears, how many cases of contagion appear, how many people heal and how many people die. And of the latter in what conditions they were to know the real aggressiveness of the virus. Subsequently, it will be necessary to analyze the new measures that are being launched by governments at the state level and international organizations at the global level.

I wish them well and recommend that they increase their hygiene measures to help the most vulnerable people who may really be in danger.

Best regards


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