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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Our lifestyle is the way we choose to live. It goes from how we wake up each day, what we eat and how we dress, to the activities we decide to do. Since we were little we have great conditioning depending on the continent, country, city, town, neighbourhood, family in which we were born. So even if we don't realize it, we literally copy the lifestyle habits of our grandparents, parents and society.

My question is, do we really live the lifestyle we want? I believe that the development of the human being has been highly conditioned by many things for hundreds and thousands of years. Being a tremendously social animal, we are very affected by what society does, and we generally develop trends that can become a fashion, and in many cases become customs. Time goes by and these customs take power and become social laws that we repeat without actually, in many cases, knowing their origin or provenance. Society does it, so do I, but I don't wonder if it's the right thing to do or if I really want to do it. Is it possible to change your lifestyle? Yes of course. What I can tell you is that it is not an easy road. What usually happens is that when an individual breaks the frame of society, he becomes dangerous for the entire belief system that society has and it is society itself that is somehow going to marginalize him for making that decision. This can become a tough stage in the life of a person who wants to change and really choose how he wants to live.

The hardest thing is with the family and closest friends. There can usually be great criticism and even temporary loss of contact. My recommendation is not to argue or try to justify yourself, it is a significant waste of energy. It is best to focus on how to follow through with your decisions and respect the position of others. As you consolidate in your new life and begin to be happier, the people around you will perceive your new "vibrational" state and will begin to approach and even feel interested in your changes. Time puts everything in its place ...

So how do you start a new lifestyle? I think the most important thing is to start reviewing all customs and habits that we have and ask ourselves why we do it. In all those things that the answer is, I do not know, it is a reason to review and see if it is something that we are really doing because we have chosen it, or simply because we have learned it since we were children. So we can begin to review our diet, how we dress, what celebrations we celebrate, what intellectual customs we have, etc ...

You have to take your time because this is something that can and should actually last for several years. Of all my friends who started a transformation process, I don't know any who made a U-turn in their life in just a few months. Habits and customs are so strong that it will take time and energy to get rid of them. Finally, I would like to share with you that it is very important to know how to find information in order to make good decisions. Today we have the great advantage of the internet. Access to information is very easy, but you have to know that there is a lot of information available that is highly manipulated or wrong. My personal recommendation is to try to follow a scientific method. But beware, science is also sometimes manipulative. That is why I always recommend using nature as a reference. True science resides in the observation of nature, and it is when we can, through the use of our intellect, know if the information is true or is false or manipulated information. Follow your intuition, but do not fall into the networks of your own ego, since it can lead you to believe that your own lie is the truth, and at that moment you are lost. Observe nature, she is an excellent guide for our new lifestyle.


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