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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

What would we do in this life without our body? Nothing! Why then don't we take care of it as if it a treasure? It's something I ask myself every day when I see all the things that humans do to their bodies. Then we get sick, and we think that it is the lottery of life that has brought us the disease, however, many doctors and scientists, such as Dr. Shinya, argue that most diseases are derived by lifestyle.

A few years ago it was terrible with my body. I was eating all kinds of junk food, I stopped exercising regularly, I was drinking large amounts of alcohol, I was getting high, I was taking drugs ... It was really crushing my body. TV and marketing keep bombing us with misleading information about a lot of products which are not good for us. But since it's on TV, we consider it good. After years of self-damage, I started to really doubt everything I was doing. There was something inside telling me to stop the things I was doing or I would die younger than 50. So I quit my job in Shanghai and went to the Philippines. I met an African-American girl, Charlene, who was a vegetarian and shared with me a lot about the benefits of a healthier way of living. At that time, I wasn't even considering becoming a vegetarian ... It was when I returned from the Philippines that I began to consider everything that Charlene had shared with me. I started researching and trying a new diet. The first thing I did was give up milk (I was a regular milk drinker), which helped me improve my digestion a lot. Then I cut back on meat and started to feel better. After few weeks I gave up meat completely. I started to lose weight and it felt like my body was cleaning. Little by little I was giving up alcohol, Coca-Cola and soft drinks, medicaments and of course drugs. The improvement I felt, not only on a physical level, but on an emotional and psychological level, was so great that I continued researching and following scientists who gave explanations about how important changing nutritional habits is for your health. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I went even deeeper about the origin and causes of this disease, as well as natural methodologies for the cure of cancer. Already at that time I was convinced that the solutions offered by current medicine are a bomb for the body which ends up finishing off most of the patients. Cancer is a disease derived from bad habits made over the years. It cannot be cured in a fast way, it requires time and a review of the nutritional, emotional and intellectual habits we have. In my research, I found Dr. Martí Bosch. He was a child oncologist for 20 years who abandoned traditional oncology due to its few positive results and ventured into the world of orthomolecular medicine and therapies with a more natural logic. He gave me an interesting clue to follow to help my mother. I also found Dr Shinya, a Japanese gastroenterologist, inventor of the colonoscope and considered one of the best doctors in the world, who treats his patients with habit changes.

In all these years, I have not only read about consuming habits, but I have put them into practice with enormous benefits. It is a shame to see that the agri-food industry and the pharmaceutical industry go hand in hand. One of them causes the disease and the other one is giving the solutions. The reality is that people end up being chronic patients who buy pills to reduce symptoms but to treat the causes of the diseases and therefore the possibility of cure. In other words, we become their permanent clients. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food." If we make a change in habits and we follow a better diet, we are going to return our body to its natural state, which is health. Nature did not design us to be sick, we are designed to be healthy and have a healthy life. One of the things that Dr Martí Bosch first indicates is that we have to stop damaging our body. Then we will see what we can use to help you improve it. To stop damaging our body, it is basic to gradually quit everything that produces body acidification:

- Processed and industrial food: They contain a large number of chemicals that are harmful at the cellular level. Exposure to them causes us serious diseases. There are no studies to prove it because the studies are carried out by the pharmaceutical industry, which are the owners of large agribusiness companies. Logic applies, how long does it take for a tomato to rot? How can industrial food last so long? Nature has designed real food to rot in a few days, do not think that the chemicals they put in industrial food are harmless. They want your money, my interest is that you are healthy.

- Alcohol: Today's western society is deeply ill with this substance. Nobody wants to admit it because a lot of leisure is related to alcohol. But the truth is that alcohol is one of the most harmful substances for your body and for your development as a human being. There is no substance on earth that lowers consciousness as much as alcohol. Why do you think it is legal? The body acidification it generates is tremendous, the liver damage it does is very serious and the neurological damage as well. Every drop of alcohol is toxic, there are no moderate measures. That's the truth. You can drink a glass of wine from time to time with your partner. The important thing is that you know the damage it produces and it is something that you really take sporadically.

- Soft drinks: These drinks are strongly sugary. They actually have so much sugar that the only reason you don't throw them up is because of the amount of ascorbic acid and citric acid in them. It also has a high concentration of CO2. Yes, CO2. This gas is carbon dioxide and in addition to being one of the gases responsible for global warming, it is one of the wastes that every cell in your body excretes in its breath. In other words and for you to understand. It is cellular excrement. Why would you want to put CO2 in your body if it is what your entire system does to expel into the atmosphere with each breath? Yes, you breathe in air to obtain oxygen and what you expel when you exhale is the CO2 resulting from your cellular metabolism. All these components, in addition to the number of flavouring chemicals and who knows what else, are very acidifying and oxidative, which generate cell damage.

- Sugary drinks: To do it quickly, you can make the best fruit juice at home. Industrial juices often contain added sugars and other harmful substances. It is not the worst product on this list, but it is best to prepare natural juices at home.

- Drugs: Prolonged use of drugs only destroys you. There is no way to control these substances. There is no moderate consumption. In my case, I realized the moment in which its use led me to the loss of memory and consciousness. That day I promised to end its use. Happily, I have been clean for years and I can gladly help anyone in need. It is not an easy process, but it is possible and life turns colourful when it is achieved.

- Dairy products: Cow's milk is designed by nature to feed a calf that weighs approx. 40 kgs. At the time of weaning (3 months), it weighs around 80 kgs. How is it possible that humans are drinking cow's milk for years when we also stop metabolizing lactose after a few years of life? In addition, the cows live on terrible farms and are injected with all kinds of drugs to prevent infections from milking machines. I love cheese, but I am also aware of the data that I provide. The times I eat cheese I try to choose it from a conscious production company, and I try to choose goat or sheep or even the vegan options available in the market.

- Meat: The World Health Organization has warned of the risks of eating meat. My opinion on this is that eating meat is not harmful. What is harmful is eating too much and poor quality meat. If we take a look at the anatomical and physiological level, our mouth, stomach and intestine are designed to process food of plant origin more efficiently than meat. Our teeth are designed t cut stems and leaves (incisors), open fruits and grains (fangs) and grind (molars or molars), while the teeth of carnivores (dogs and cats) have very sharp teeth to tear of the meat. The pH of the acid that our stomach produces is more alkaline than that of carnivorous predators, which require more acidity to break the protein chains of meat. Our intestine is much longer than the carnivorous ones. Plant foods are digested for a long time while carnivores require rapid digestion and defecation. However, as I said before, eating meat does give a nutritional contribution and what I can recommend is that if you want to eat meat, do it in a moderate way and considering the origin of the meat. The meat industry is extensive and therefore the quality is very low due to the number of antibiotics and the food given to the animals.

- White flour: Today there is a great intolerance to gluten. This is something truly paradoxical since wheat has been nutritional sustenance for thousands of years. After going round and round this matter, I think the problem with gluten intolerance is not gluten itself. But the reaction that the body has to foods that contain gluten by other things that happen with wheat. Wheat is a crop that has been tremendously affected by transgenic technology. How many things have flour? There are thousands of products, so its extensive production has been standardized. To avoid pests, all kinds of agrochemicals are used, to make it more resistant and cultivable in different places it is genetically manipulated, and finally, it is refined for use in industry. In the end, what we eat is anything but wheat and the body reacts to it. This is my theory, but look for information and draw your own conclusions. Try eating bread made in the old style, with organic whole wheat flour and sourdough. You will see the difference in eating industrial bread. Likewise, I recommend avoiding or eating very little bread.

- Tobacco: Tobacco is a plant from the Amazon rainforest. For millennia it has been used as a healing plant. It is common to take it as an infusion to perform what is called "tobacco purges". The effect is a general cleansing of the system, at the gastro-intestinal level and at the level of internal purification of the organs. The natives also smoke it, but for spiritual purposes and in certain rituals. And of course, without being industrially processed. However, the West has manipulated its use causing great damage to society. At the beginning of the 20th century, tobacco was marketed as a "cool" habit and began to appear in movies and television commercials relating it to being stylish or manly. How many deaths has this fact caused? It is incredible that this plant is still being used so badly and the population continues to be poisoned. The process of industrialization of tobacco makes it one of the most poisonous substances that one can put in his body. And this is due to all the chemicals and compounds they use to treat it.

Once we are quitting the things that harm us or at least reducing their consumption progressively, we must give the body what is good for it. What it needs to develop its functions.

- Air: Air is food. How long can you live without breathing? Oxygen is constantly needed. Urban life gives us poor air quality. If you want to have a full life, you have to try to spend time in nature to breathe fresh air. Use your intellect and recognize how nature has designed life on earth.

- Water: Water is the second most important food after the air. Our body is approximately 75% water. How much water are you drinking per day? what quality? It is not about providing fluids but water. Hydration is the process by which we put hydrogen into our body, as the word hydration indicates. Water is H2O, and it is the most abundant source of hydrogen that we have around us. It is the most efficient way to hydrate ourselves. In addition, it is the only way to "wash" our body internally. What do you shower with? What do you wash your clothes with? How do you clean your house? Make sure you drink 2 litres a day of the best possible water and I assure you that everything will start to go better in your body. Water is more important than food. If you don't eat it can take up to a month to die, but if you don't drink water, you die in a few days from dehydration. My recommendation is to drink Kangen Water, which has properties that make it highly energetic and hydrating. Visit my site for more information.

- Real food: Surely while you were reading the part about what damages your body you were thinking about what you were going to eat ... Well, I am happy to tell you that there is a lot of food and a great variety that you can incorporate into your diet and that once you do, you will notice wonderful benefits. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds, grains, fish, and happy animal meats are what I call real food. If you eat real food, everything will be fine. As a premise, avoid any type of industrial product. That is, if you are going to eat cereals, do not buy cereals that are packaged and processed for your breakfast (without giving brands). Go to an organic or organic store, buy oats, barley, brown rice, millet, quinoa, etc. Another important tip is that you investigate the differences between the different certifications or nomenclatures: Ecological, organic, biological ... This will let you know that products do not use pesticides and agrochemicals in their production. This way you will avoid its intake and the harmful effects that these products have on health. Find out, there are hundreds of people giving very healthy recipes on the internet. It is becoming easier to know how to change your nutritional habits and how to give the best to your body and your cells.

- Do sports: From walking or running to climbing or alpine skiing. Sport is essential for our body. Our body needs physical effort to function well. It helps us avoid the loss of bone and muscle density that age brings us. It also improves the functioning of our cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. Sport also brings us great benefits on a psycho-emotional level. Sport is life.

- Contact with nature: Contact with nature is medicine. Who does not like the day going to the mountains, the river or swimming in the sea? It is a question of vibration and frequency, it is science and not quackery. Go whenever you can to natural spaces and do activities that you like in these areas.

I hope this blog post has been interesting for you. There are more things that can help nourish your body and therefore take care of it in order to have a long, healthy and wonderful life. It is a matter of being motivated and continuing to investigate and include those things that we like or attract attention.


Fer Pal


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