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Reality, truth and lie I.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Since human beings began to develop the intellect, thanks to the evolutionary development of our brain, we began to have deep questions about the understanding of reality and life. At the moment two paradoxical things happen at the same time:

1. We develop the ability to observe as the basis of science.

2. Creativity reaches a point of evolutionary maturity.

These two facts led humanity to the development of civilizations to this day. The first has allowed us to observe reality transparently to guess the hidden codes it keeps (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology) and to be able to use them through the second to improve society by developing it through various disciplines such as agriculture, medicine, architecture, engineering and even art.

But what do I count this for? What exactly is reality? Because it is important to understand first that our intellectual capacity and our creativity are those that can bring us closer to what reality is to improve it, or it can lead us to an erroneous interpretation of it and the creation of mystical magical histories that distance us from the truth. Moreover, I firmly believe that it is the great problem that our race has today. We have transformed reality by having lost control of our creativity, in such a

way that it is very difficult to know what, within reality, is true and is a lie. Therefore, we can say that reality is everything created in the Universe, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we observe it or not, and whether it is true or false. Reality is God's ultimate expression. "What more God than reality and what more reality than God." (From the book Los 4 Altares, Alonso del Río.) Therefore within reality, we are us, as a fractal part of the same reality that acts as observer and creator. If you have not yet lost yourself and follow the thread of reasoning you can understand that an apple and an apple tree are real and true, while Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are real but they are false, they are part of the imaginary and human creativity. So our reality is composed of true things and false or speculative things.

Within the path of consciousness and personal development, it is a fundamental task to be able to discern which things, in reality, are true and which things are false. To do this, you have to be willing to observe reality without filters, without beliefs, without interpretations... that is, to see reality as it is. You also have to be willing to think in order to have clear and firm concepts about the given reality. For example, if you look at reality and think, you will see that you live in a four-dimensional Universe: we have three dimensions of space (length, width and profundity) and a temporal dimension... When we don't have these two clear abilities, that's when we can create a parallel reality that takes us away from the truth. And to move away from the truth is to live in lies. And living in lies is harmful and dangerous for you and society.

Throughout our evolutionary development, there have been people who have used lies to deceive the masses and accumulate their power. Clear examples are religions, kingdoms and dictatorships. That power is the inherent capacity that every human being has to observe reality as it is, to think and finally use that true knowledge to create beauty, which is the true purpose of creativity. When you develop these skills, you discover the reality and decipher what is true from what is false. Thus, you are able to identify your own lie, the one that conditions you and makes you believe what it is not, so that somehow when you realize it, you get one step closer to the truth. Similarly, this path of exploration of reality liberates us, since it prevents us from falling into believing the lies of those who only want our power to submit and control us.

In conclusion, it is not just a question of thinking for oneself what reality is, since we are totally exposed to believe what the real thing we want... but to observe the Universe and Nature as the maximum expression of God so that through this exercise we can think that it is true and what is false in all this history. The truth is time in front of us, however, it is the lie that does not let us see it. If you want to find the truth, you have to discover your lie. If you want to be free, you must know what binds you, limits you, confuses you and distances you from the truth...



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