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Reflections of a seeker...

On March 19th of this year, I began a new journey to Mexico to complete my third year of vision quest. For those of you who have never heard of it, it is a Native American rite of passage, whereby you commit yourself four times in your lifetime to a mountain retreat in fasting, silence and isolation to receive a vision that will help you in life. There are several formats for this ritual. The format I follow consists of going up the mountain for 4, 7, 9 and 13 days respectively.

This year was significant for me as I was facing the border of 9 days and it meant reaching 75% of my commitment. Moreover, the third year is very important because you have learned to keep quiet, you know, and now it is your turn to dare. In other words, in the third year, you open a space in your life related to your inner power, your inner fire. It is very difficult to explain in a blog entry, everything that happens in the mountain. What must be made clear is that it is an experience that leaves no one who completes it indifferent.

During the first 4 days and nights, you don't eat or drink a drop of water. This is the case every year that you climb the mountain. In other words, you will go through this fast for 4 years or more if one year you fail to complete your commitment. The year you climb for 7 days, the support will bring you on your fourth day, water and fruits to get you in sufficient condition for your seventh day. In your year of 9, you will get some more fruit and medicine on your 7th day to get you to your 9th day. In the last year of your commitment, when you go up for 13 days, on your 9th day they will bring you enough food and water to finish your last four days and your 4-year commitment.

This year has been very special for me as I have come down from the mountain with some very important realisations and internalisations about my life. Some of them are thanks to the fact that I have been able to do the first four days again in the same way as one does it for the first time. It is so important that it is like that! Thanks to this design having to repeat allows us two things, to put into practice what we had already learned, but also to find new things that you can only find in those first four days by putting into practice what you had already learned. However, this year I was facing the nine days for the first time with the special feature of these two extra days.

During these two days and their corresponding nights, I found answers to my intentions and prayers. I would like to share with you what I was looking for and what answers I found:

My intentions were to find answers to two questions:

How can I use my power legitimately?

How can I avoid burning, burning and being burned by others?

At the end of the first night with the medicine, when everything sleeps, I found the answer to the first question with a beautiful vision that I have tried to reproduce with the following image, although it is not exactly to what I saw, it can give you an idea.

The four altars

"Only he who has the courage and the courage to take responsibility with full transparency will be able to raise a fortress of honour that holds the power in his heart".

Having found the answer to the first question, on the second night with the medicine I devoted myself to finding the solution to my other concern. Also at the same time of the night, I found the answer and it too was accompanied by a vision:

Fire & Humility

"Keep your fire between walls of humility."

As I said at the beginning of this entry, it is very difficult to explain everything that happens on the mountain, and this that I share can only be considered as the most significant of an experience loaded with moments of high value of which many must remain private and particular to each one of us. I hope that if you feel identified with this information, you will use it responsibly and always respect the place, time and process from which it comes.

With love,


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