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There is no love without humour...

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The other day, playing with my partner, I got this phrase and wrote it down. I said to myself: I have to write about this. And here I am.

I think for everyone, humour is something important in their lives... Who hasn't laughed out loud once in their life? However, humour can become heavy and even grotesque. We all know someone who has the label of funny to the group, or of rude and unbearable because of his jokes. We also know someone of tremendous seriousness who we may think has never laughed at. Both options are the natural extremes of one of the most interesting qualities of our intellect, humour.

This quality, like others, can be cultivated and worked on, and I think it is very important to do so because it can help us enormously to transcend difficult moments and situations. And not precisely in a crude or grotesque way, but fine, demure and sublime. That's the difference between smart humour, which is capable of bringing a smile to anyone's face.

In recent years I have gone through times when I have not been in a very good mood. The destruction of nature, social inequalities, corruption and the decay of society are things that touch me deeply, so much so that that is why I dedicate part of my time to writing and sharing what I believe can be useful for others. At times, these states have totally separated me from my mood. Of my ability to transcend in an intelligent and subtle way everything that hurts me, catches me and I cannot understand... The day I realized that this skill could help me take a step beyond the mind and

reach my heart with a smile, I understood how important it is to have a good mood. And this good humour brings me closer to love.

However, like any other quality of our intellect, it also has its dark side. Humour can be and is used to flee and hurt. Flee from life, from the serious things that happen and that we must face and transcend them with other tools. Hurting other people, ridiculing someone or making heavy jokes that are far from intelligent humour. When we do that, we must review what we run away from or why we hurt. That person reflects us or unleashes us inside to finally be violent through "false humour". If we meet someone who does it to us, know that they are running away from something, not wanting to look at themselves to improve as people and not take it personally. Even take advantage and laugh at yourself.

I don't exactly consider myself an expert in humour, but of course, I do try to make it the guideline to follow. Intelligent humour, starting with laughing at myself when I get stuck in a thought or situation that makes me a worse person.

That said: without humour there is no love.

Fer Pal


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