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Welcome to my world!

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Thank you for visiting my website ... I have been working on this concept for years and trying to find a way to include everything I do in one place, in order to share with the world my experiences and knowledge in the different fields that I master. Health, travel, personal development and music. After many ideas and changes, I think I have found a way to share feeling comfortable, being transparent and with the certainty that what I am doing serves many people. All this knowledge I have been acquiring from the different periods of my life in different parts of the world. From Spain, the place where I was born, through China where I lived for two years, or after arriving in Peru where I have been 5 years ago.

For me, lifestyle is essential to have a truer experience in life. Today we are tremendously affected by marketing. Which can be very dangerous if we really want to have a fuller and happier life. How to go little by little giving people a more natural point of view? Well, through marketing. It seems ironic, but it is the only tool effective enough to "sell" to people that less is more, that happiness is not given to you by what you have, but rather by how you live. Are you grateful? Do you treat your friends and family with care? Do you spend part of your time doing the things that you really like? This is what really brings us something of value in life. Does that mean that the matter is worthless? Of course not. The matter is as important as the immaterial. It is more about having a balance between these two concepts. For example, how can I develop musically without an instrument? We need the material, but we must know well what and how to use it.

In this blog, I will share as much as I can about life coaching.

I hope you like it and that you become a regular reader of my work.


Fer Pal.


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