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I create.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In this post, there is a double understanding. I believe in believing or I believe in creating. It is interesting to see how just two words can get us on two totally different paths.

In our evolution as human beings, we have reached a point where our intellectual development is at a crossroads. Humanity is at the beginning of the end of belief, and the scientific paradigm is indisputably breaking through. But what is the difference between believing and creating and where can it lead us?

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, to believe is "To have something for sure without knowing it directly or without it being proven or proven," while to create is "To produce something out of nothing." It is paradoxical to see that we can create a lot of stories that we can believe and that does not lead us to fruition.

Our brain has developed in such a way that we have a great creative and imaginative capacity. In this power reside most of the problems of human society since there is no responsibility for what we believe and believe almost anything. Science, the enemy of beliefs, has developed exponentially in the last century. However, not all the things that have been created thanks to it, are giving us good results. Believing according to what things and taking them for granted can be very limiting for our lives, and creating can also be very harmful, because depending on what is created, what is created and why it is created, what is created will be beneficial or harmful. Thus, from my point of view there are four things that human beings must do in order to advance to the next level of consciousness:

1. Stop believing.

2. Observe nature.

3. Think.

4. Create with love.

Stop believing because belief, in general, can limit us a lot. Creating truths out of pure assumptions is not that it is bad, it is simply less conscious than observing nature, thinking and creating. Society at large is evolving into a more intellectual and even more loving consciousness.

Observing nature is actually the only science that exists, and for this, you don't have to be a Nobel Prize in nuclear physics. Every human being, through the observation of nature, can obtain absolute truths that free him from false beliefs. For example, the conditions for life to develop are that we need land, water, the sun and air. So if you think that air pollution, poor water quality or industrial food will not affect your health is a false belief that can lead you to develop a more or less serious disease. That is why thinking is the tool to integrate and develop those absolute universal truths being able to free yourself from limiting beliefs and begin your creation. And this is when and where the great dilemma that drags humanity towards a very hopeless scenario appears. When we discover the great power of creating our own reality, we do not exercise the responsibility that such power requires. That is precisely why it is important to ask yourself what I am going to do, what I do it for and why I do it. Humans have a lot of creativity to find arguments and reasons to create things that are totally unnecessary, such as any war. However, if we introduce love into this equation, whatever we do will have a beautiful for what and why. When I sometimes talk to friends I always give the example of Albert Einstein or Nicola Tesla. These two geniuses brought great discoveries and knowledge. I am convinced that their motivation to reach these levels of intellectuality can only be achieved through the love they felt for what they did and because they knew that one day these discoveries would transform humanity. And boy did they do! Unfortunately, his advances and scientific contributions fell into the hands of sick people whose interests differed greatly from love. These people created terrible things but this does not change what the geniuses contributed or what and why they did it. Over time, their contributions have helped us create many things that do help us human beings and that is part of the good use of creativity. Creating with love is of great importance to everyone, especially in these times.

I create my reality, I create beauty, and I create with love.

Fer Pal.

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