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Reality, truth and lie II.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I remember when I was very young, at night I reflected on life and death. I thought about what would be about myself if my parents weren't there, I was afraid, sad and sad to imagine that reality.

Since then my path in life has been to study the deepest secrets of existence to understand what the purpose of life is, why we are here, and how the Universe has been created. I understand that this is an intrinsic existential question of humanity due to the development of our intellect and that we all to a greater or lesser extent ask it. Our rational brain, the neocortex, has allowed us to be aware of reality and enter the field of question. Can you believe it? Thousands of years of evolution so that a species of the planet can wonder what reality is and open the door of mystery, creating a paradox about it since the observer of it is fundamental to define it and at the same time, it is not. It is then that reality is composed of truth and lie and becomes a Machiavellian game in which if you win you will evolve towards the next level of consciousness, love.

For the last six years, I've done some in-depth research on what reality is... For this, I have been living in the Andes of Peru and I have been delving into the use of master plants, such as Ayahuasca. These plants provide us with substances capable of making us enter expanded states of consciousness in which we can access relevant information about ourselves and about existence. Well, after these years I have been able to understand, in the first place, that the existence of God seems to be an irrefutable fact even at a scientific level. The concept of God has been manipulated by each and every religion for the sole purpose of accumulating power and submission to one's neighbour. Humanity was and continues to be the victim of fraudulent use of power, making us believe that God was what they told us He was, sectioning off the rise of the consciousness of each individual and society, destroying the possibility of finding God for ourselves, as each great teacher has explained in his teachings and as evidenced by our own evolution. And what is God then? God is existence, he is the whole Universe, everything created, he is the origin and he is the end, he is matter and energy,

he is the Sun, he is the earth, the stars, the lagoons and the sea. It's the joy and it's the sorrow, it's the wonder and the horrifying. God is reality.

It is perhaps easier for a scientist to understand that God is the concept of unity. All existence is one, and although there are other universes, we can always compose a new unity that contains everyone. It's like the organelles of a cell. Each of them is an organelle, but they all make up a cellular unit. And trillions of cells make up a human organism. Reality is fractal and four-dimensional. But that's another chapter... When we understand this concept we understand that God manifests Himself in all forms, even those that are not beautiful. We can deduce then that God is composed of a dark side and a light side. Therefore if reality is God, it has a dark side and a light side. So right now somewhere in the universe, the death of a star (black hole) is taking place and at the same time, somewhere else, a plant is blooming.

This duality is permanent and contemporary. We, like the organelles of the cell, are part of this unity, and therefore, this intrinsic duality of reality lives in us. This is something that religions have hidden from us for thousands of years by blaming evil and darkness on external forces and entities. Fill our heads with myths and legends that take us away from taking responsibility and understanding who we really are. We are light and we are darkness and it is in this duality that we are truly complete. The lack of knowledge of this truth has led us to a loss of balance of reality, in which darkness is more present than light. We are full of lies and we are not even aware, can there be anything more dangerous? Lying is a manifestation of darkness when we are not aware of it. Truth is present when we reveal each and every lie. Therefore, to find the truth we must get into the pit of lies and dig until we find it. Some will have to dig more meters than others, but surely we all have to do it if we want to live a truer life, closer to the purpose of life, to find God in his highest manifestation, love.

The fact of not wanting to accept and take responsibility for our darkness has been the way how little by little humans have been moving away from universal truths and have created a global reality full of lies. We have moved extremely far away from nature because we were made to believe that nature is uncomfortable and cruel, to the point that we have come to mistreat it with absolute cruelty when it is it that supplies us with everything we need to live. That is why some cultures,

not religious, if not more conscious, they see her as a mother. A mother who nourishes us and supplies us with everything and puts her at the base of her development because they know that without her, human life and all the others end. In the Western world, we have created a gigantic lie that is generating already irreparable damage, unless each individual starts digging into his pit of lies. Today we have the shovel of rationality, of intellectual development, to be able to dig that well and clean it of the lies that have put us in our heads. If we want to create a truer reality, it is important that everyone who has reached this point of understanding, grab his shovel and dig. And as you discover the truth, create a reality based on it. This is the correct use of our intellectual capacity. Create a more loving reality.

This task is not easy, but it is liberating. It requires intellectual effort and total dedication. Every second, every decision, every emotion and thought counts. The lie is so established in our reality that at first, it is difficult to know that it is true and that it is a lie. Don't worry, you always have an external reference that will show you the truth: Nature. She is transparent and shows herself as she is. Only observes her, ask her, and it will help you to reveal your lies and find the universal truths that do govern us and open the way to a truer life. The encouragement that can be...



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