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Reality and the God within.

To understand reality well and truly reconnect with the God within, one has to be well-rooted in the earth. 

Just as the tree needs good roots to grow tall and have a great crown, we need this rooting that at the quantum level is our lineage, our origins to the first form of life. The memory of the earth is in us because all our matter is of the earth. The atoms that make up our body were once dinosaurs, reptiles, birds, and plants. The earth has its memory and we can access that memory if we know how to access it. 

If one pretends to rise without rootedness, one becomes a Helium balloon and gets lost in the mystery of the mind, creating all kinds of fiction and even getting lost in egoic stories because the ego always wants to take control of the self. It is our dark side of a universal duality. The ego is at least the same size as our light. If we have a very light side, we have a shadow that claims the same space. This is very easy to demonstrate physically with a simple experiment. 

Good "shamans" are what they teach you, to be aware of the darkness we carry and to know how to give it the space it needs. Our darkness completes us, we must accept and integrate it to balance ourselves. The ego needs its space, but you have to know it well to know when it manifests and how. 

As we work on this, the ego is more subtle and sneaks in. It is a constant work. One of the worst things that can happen to you is believing that you have killed your ego and no longer have one. It is an unmistakable sign that you are completely dominated by it. 

That's why grounding is key, it helps us to be connected to humility and memory. We are the living witnesses of those who came before us, let us behave with respect and admiration for all those who were here before us and let us be aware that in our hands is their legacy, from the first bacterium that decided to divide despite knowing it was its end in the first known act of love, mitosis, one dies so that two can be born and perpetuate the miracle of life. 

If the ego had prevailed, our first ancestor, that bacterium, would have died and these words would not have been possible. However, love won and we are the living, conscious result... What are we going to do with it? Do we take responsibility or not?

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